LG Display invests $225M to triple OLED making capacity

OLED screens have a lot to offer the electronics world and are mostly found in smartphones and other smaller devices today. There are a few TV makers using OLED screens. The reason OLEDs are interesting is that they use less power than a LCD and promise better colors, the downside is cost.

One of the big OLED screen makers is LG Display and the company has announced that it plans to invest $225.7 million in its OLED manufacturing facility to triple the production capacity of its line. This is interesting considering this week rumors turned up that the next iPad would use OLED screens.

Higher production of OLED screens means that prices should fall, if yields are decent. LG Display has announced that it plans to offer a 30-inch OLED screen in the middle of 2011. Apple already gets screens from LG Display, so this triple capacity could be a ramp up to the new iPad. There I go starting rumors.