LG Digital TV Cellphone packs a PVR

So you thought LG's Shine cellphone was the best thing to come from the Korean company, did you?  You trashy gutterpunk, you're obviously on wretched drugs – there's this too:

The KB6100 has a T-DMB digital TV tuner packed inside its dinky chassis (3mm thinner than the RAZR, at 10.95mm), like a lot of Asian cellphones do, but it stands apart by also offering PVR functionality!  That's right, your dull commute, business meetings and bland one-night-stands can be brightened by watching some hardcore hentai manga from earlier on.

There's the normal cellphone functionality there too – EVDO, 1.3 megapixel digital camera, 170-degree viewing angle screen, mp3 player and in-built video editing software 'MUVEE'.  Connect it up to your laptop or PC with a USB cable and you can watch recorded TV on your monitor, as opposed to squinting at the screen.


If I were a gambling man I'd put money on it never showing its face outside of Korea; even if it did, you'd have to use it with a carrier that operated a T-DMB wireless digital broadcast TV system.

Aving [via Gizmodo]