LG DeepThinQ opens doors to LG ThinQ AI devices of all sorts

LG suggested today that they'd "entered DeepThinQ mode" with a collection of AI-infused products and services. Not to be mistaken for Deep Thought, LG DeepThinQ is an AI development tool made for itself and partners. This brings LG's proprietary deep learning-based artificial intelligence technology to the forefront.

LG pronounces it "thin-cue," and it's entering a whole lot of LG products in the near future. DeepThinQ 1.0 development began last year in LG's Artificial Intelligence Lab in Korea – made for AI. This week, LG announced both DeepThinQ for integration into smart products of all sorts, and new ThinQ LG smart appliances.

OF NOTE: LG ThinQ is not a new brand name – they've used it for several years now. The news is that they're opening their doors to a wide array of smart product developers for products of all sorts with DeepThinQ starting this week.

DeepThinQ 1.0 integrates AI functionality of several sorts. Users will be given the ability to work with LG-researched voice, video, and sensor recognition, as well as both space and human body detection. LG made and effort to allow this developer kit function on a wide variety of platforms, including webOS, Linux, and Android.

"DeepThinQ is the embodiment of our open philosophy – to provide the most powerful AI solutions to our customers via a strategy of open platform, open partnership and open connectivity," said Chief Technology Officer at LG Electronics, Dr. IP Park. "ThinQ will completely change the way consumers use our products because ThinQ products will learn about them to provide intelligent services, not the other way around."

LG hopes that in the near future, products developed on the LG DeepThinQ platform will function, learn, and grow. Have a peek at the video below to see some of the newest bits and pieces that make up an LG ThinQ AI product – here a television panel.