LG Crams NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor inside new smartphones in development

LG has announced today that it is developing new smartphones that use the powerful NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor (PDF) inside. LG is the first phone maker in the industry to announce that new smartphones are coming that make use of the dual-core CPU based on the Tegra design.

The new smartphones are set to debut in Q4 2010. LG claims that the integration of the Tegra 2 processor into its smartphones will bring several firsts to the mobile phone arena including the first dual-core mobile CPU.

The phones will also be the only offerings on the market with an ultra low power GPU inside and the smartphones will be the first with a 1080p HD mobile video processor. The smartphones using Tegra 2 will have a dual core 1GHz processor inside with those cores sharing the workload for the device allowing up to 2x faster web surfing and 5x faster gaming performance.