LG 71-inch 24 Carat Gold TV Takes Decadence To New Heights

With LG's 71-inch regular plasma going for around 28 grand, you can only imagine what a 24 Carat Gold version would go for. The best/worst part, that's not the only thing LG has gone and coated in pure gold.

I guess this mammoth monitor is merely part of a set of subs, speakers, and DVD players that are all coated in gold. That single fact makes me wonder whether the chick standing next to it all is just a model or if she's packing heat since a single item could probably net you a new car.

So if you like ugly things that are expensive just to show you have a lot of money, LG are probably the people you want to talk to. The availability isn't really an issue, but as far as cost goes, chances are, if you have to ask, you cant "haz it now".

LG Makes a 71-inch, 24-Carat Gold TV [via gizmodo]