LG 52LG71 - 52-inch LCD with WiFi

LG is touting this display as "world's first 1080p LCD with and integrated 802.11 Wireless System". I don't know if it fits that bill, I haven't been watching the LCD market too closely, but this does look like a nice TV, and the ability to stream HD content OTA just makes it that much better.

Obviously, due to LG's claim, this thing is 1080p capable. No word on what version of the 802.11 standard this TV will be sporting, newlaunches guesses they will go for N, but since that's not even an official standard yet, I hope LG is smarter than to put that into a TV.

No details on cost or when you can get your hands on one, but the picture looks like a real photo, not an "artists rendition", so probably before the end of the year, or maybe they'll wait and launch it at CES. Regardless, I like that they are adding wireless streaming features to TV's.

LG is coming out with a 52" LCD TV, featuring WiFi for HD streaming [via Newlaunches]