LG 4K TVs boost colors, add webOS 2.0 for 2015

If there's one thing we expect from the Consumer Electronics Show, it's massive TVs, and LG is already getting the big set hype started with its new 4K line-up. The company's 2015 Ultra HD range will debut Wide Color LED, LG's latest finagling of pixel technology that uses various different phosphor-based LEDs for the promise of better color depth and pictures that are more lifelike. That's not the only improvement over outgoing sets, however.

For instance, there's also LG's Quantum Dot technology, which boasts a 30-percent jump in color gamut. Some have accused Ultra HD sets of pushing vibrancy over accuracy, but LG is saying this new tech should keep things looking lifelike without sacrificing visual appeal.

The existing True Black Control local-dimming, which can adjust different areas of the LED backlight to boost contrast, is joined by Natural Color that's said to trim down color reproduction errors, meanwhile.

Outside of the IPS panels, there's a new ULTRA Slim design casing, with slimmer bezels and – for those putting their sets in the middle of the room – more consideration to what the rear of the TV looks like.

Harman/Kardon speakers have been integrated, though whether that will be enough to tempt people away from the usual surround-sound system remains to be heard. The LG UF9500 high-end 4K TVs will have a so-called Auditorium Stand, too, which is specially shaped to bounce sound in the direction of the viewer.

Under the hood, there's webOS 2.0 which now boots up to 60-percent faster than the previous version, has more connectivity, and more customization. You can now tweak the default launcher menus, for instance.

Since Ultra HD content is still relatively rare, the 4K upscaler has been upgraded. For those times you actually can pipe in real Ultra HD, there's support for 30p and 60p content, for some degree of future-proofing.

Exact model details – as well as pricing and availability – will be announced next week.