LG "Black Sapphire" MG8100 Chocolate Flip Phone Confirmed

The clamshell version of the Chocolate phone was leaked around mid last month with very little info. Well, thanks to a visitor of Engadget, we're now confirming its existence in a land far, far, and far away – in South America. Dubbed as the Black Sapphire MG810 (aka VX8600, and U830). Its features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, 176x220 internal display and an external display of 96x96. There's Bluetooth, media player, FM radio, 128MB of flash memory, and GPRS. You'd think that for a hefty price of $465 USD or 999 Brazil Reais, LG could've added EDGE and expanded media.

LG's "Black Sapphire" MG810 Chocolate flip phone is real! [LG Brazil]