Lexus UX 300e is the brand's first electric vehicle

Lexus has unveiled its very first fully electric vehicle called the UX 300e. The EV has the distinctive design and functionality of the original UX, according to Lexus. The UX 300e was unveiled in China. The vehicle is the first under the Lexus electrified banner, according to the automaker.Lexus says that the UX 300e was developed for excellent on-road performance. The vehicle has a "natural-yet-brisk acceleration character" and has high capacity batteries. The battery pack is located under the floor of the cabin to give the vehicle a low center of gravity. It has a capacity of 54.3 kWh and can charge at a maximum of 50kW.

The driving range is 400 km or about 248 miles per charge. Lexus will put the vehicle on sale in China and Europe starting in 2020, and it will come to Japan in early 2021. There is no indication of when or if the UX 300e will come to the States.

The vehicle has a Drive Mode Select function to let customers manage the acceleration and deceleration for the situation. The car has a paddle shift that Lexus says can be used in a manner similar to engine braking with four-levels of deceleration regeneration. Lexus says that the UX 300e is designed to be quiet and to keep outside noise away from the interior for a more comfortable ride.

Lexus engineers did integrate Active Sound control to transmit natural ambient sounds to allow for an understanding of driving conditions. The battery pack has a temperature management system that works at high and low temperatures. An app enables the driver to check the battery charge and driving range along with a timer function to tell the driver when the car is fully charged. A range of driver-assist systems are integrated for safety.