Levytator is an Escalator with Curves [Video]

There's plenty of escalators out there. Taking people up and down in a straight line, making it easier on their knees so they don't have to walk up and down those static steps. There are a few escalators out in the wild that can take a gentle curve, but they are few and far between, and usually very, very expensive. But, the Levytator takes it one step further, and has already been patented in several countries.

Utilizing the same kind of technology you'd see in a conveyor belt, Professor Jack Levy of the City University in London has created the Levytator. The design makes it possible for the escalator to follow free-form curves, and make it possible to rise, fall, and straighten out multiple times. With its conveyor-belt like technology, Professor Levy says that the new Levytator offers a better "cost per usable step" versus the current generation escalator.

Right now, Levy has the Levytator patented in the United States, China, and in Europe, and all it needs now is some money from investors, as well as architects to get the Levytator situated into some buildings across the globe. If you're curious to see it in action, check out the video below, which includes a working model.

[via DVICE]