Levi's RedWire DLX iPod Jeans

So these aren't too terribly new, except in the UK, but they are relevant since there was just a slew of new iPods released and we have never covered this product before. So these are jeans that cost $200 or 100 pounds.

Why, you may ask, would a person pay that much for a pair of Levi's, well its because they are rather high tech Levi's. they have iPod integration. First off there is a separate iPod pocket that also has a cable in it that connects to the iPod's dock connector.

That dock connector powers the other two nifty features, the first is the iPod navigation control via a plastic "nipple". The second is the auto retracting earbuds that clip onto the pants. The entire electronics garb is removable for washing. There really isn't anything special about these jeans they are pretty much the same as a run of the mill pair of Levi's, but your hand wont have to go that extra couple of inches into your pocket to change tracks, big deal.

Levi's integrated iPod Jeans [via Crave]