Levi's made Super Mario pants and now you can buy them

After a bit of a wait, Levi's has launched its Super Mario collection. The collection was first revealed back in March, with a planned release date of April 1st. When that day rolled around, Levi's announced that it had delayed the collection's release in North and South America due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time, the company said that it would shortly be sharing a new release date, but today's launch comes with little fanfare from Levi's on its social media channels. Regardless, the collection is now live on Levi's website, and looking through the listings, it seems it covers a lot of ground in terms what kind of clothing items are on offer.

For instance, there's a handful of shirts featuring the Levi's logo and various Mario characters, particularly the plumber himself and his faithful dinosaur companion Yoshi. Other items in the Levi's x Super Mario collection – as it's officially called – include a variety of printed slings and hats, a bandana, a few sweatshirts, and even a couple printed totes.

The main draw, however, is unquestionably the pair of overalls Levi's is offering. The overalls feature embroidered coins above the right back pocket, a leather Super Mario patch on the back, and an L-tab in a random color that reads "POWER UP" in the Super Mario font.

Those overalls will set you back a pretty penny, as they're priced at $148. Other items in the collection aren't quite so expensive, so if you're looking to buy without breaking the bank, you'll be able to find something that won't cost an arm and a leg. You can view the whole collection over on Levi's website beginning today.