LetterBomb hack for Nintendo Wii allows homebrew with System Menu 4.3

Most of the talk about Nintendo lately has been centered on how poorly the company has been performing financially of late. The Wii has seen sales decline as well as sales of software decline making for some rough quarters. If you have a Wii and are looking for a way to get more use out of the console in the face of a rather boring game line up, a new system hack has surfaced that will allow you to run homebrew software.

The hack is called LetterBomb and once the hack is applied, you can homebrew on the console all you want. It sounds like applying the hack is easy to do too. The Wii needs to be running System menu 4.3 obviously. You also need a SD card with enough space for the files and you need to know the MAC address of your Wii. You can hit a special link that will set up a zip file you need on your machine tailored to your needs.

That file is then extracted to the root of your SD card and you can apply the hack from there. Once the SD card is in the console, you navigate to the message board on the console and browse to yesterday or earlier depending on time zone where you will see a small envelope. All you have to do is click and wait, if all goes well you are done.

[via Hackmii]