Let's Fix Twitter's new "best Tweets" algorithm

Today's edition of "Let's Fix" sets its eye upon Twitter's newest feature – one that's said to enliven your feed with Tweet's they've chosen for you. We don't like that. Especially since we watch Twitter to keep up with the latest in all things technologically forward and newsworthy – we want our feeds to be as straightforward as possible. As such, we're going to need to fix this. Let's fix this right this minute on all platforms.

It's Phil from Android Central that reminds us today that we'd meant to figure out how to turn this feature off as fast as possible. It's easy to forget that the social networks and search engines you use every day are changing so quickly, you'd scarcely notice.

We must be vigilant!

We must be neutral!

We must attempt to keep Twitter a chronologically posted sort of feed, or we may as well be using Facebook!

As such, we'll want to do the following to make this fix. It's easy, really.


1. Open the Twitter app

2. Tap the overflow menu (three dots, upper right corner)

3. Tap Settings

4. Tap Timeline

5. See Show me the best Tweets First (and turn it off)

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

1. Open the Twitter app

2. Tap the "Me" button at the bottom right of your app

3. Tap the Settings button to the right of your Twitter avatar. It looks like a gear

4. Tap Accounts (click your account)

5. Tap Timeline – Timeline personalization

6. See Show me the best Tweets first (and turn it off)

Desktop (in a Web Browser)

1. Tap your avatar (upper right-hand corner)

2. Tap Settings

3. See under "Content" you'll find "Timeline"

4. See Show me the best Tweets first (and turn it off)

Believe it or not, you may need to turn this feature off in each of your apps. It's not necessarily a universal feature for all of your devices, even though the option appears in your Twitter account's settings.

Go for it immediately, and see the difference.