Less than 3,000 people affected by Hot Coffee lawsuit

Hot Coffee. There was a time when that actually brought to mind a cup of Joe. However, since the whole incident with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, we rather think of the rediculous lawsuit involving a part of the game that isn't actually playable without a good deal of work. So the final numbers from the suit are in, and you may be surprised at the number of people seeking damages.

Only 2,676 people have claimed damages from Take-Two in the case. Here I thought there were thousands and thousands of people affected by this horrible tragedy. Looks like most people either didn't see the content, or just didn't care. Heck, I'd be willing to bet that of the 2,676 people grabbing for cash, only a few hundred even saw the content.

I still fail to see what the issue was in the first place. I mean, this is Grand Theft Auto we're talking about, not Barbie Princess Adventure Pals or something. If you bought a game clearly marked as being for "Mature" audiences, you shouldn't be upset when something like sex comes up. This is exactly what's wrong with this country, you can go around and rip people from their cars and beat them to death and it's no big deal, yet somehow when sex comes up, people get all up in arms.

[via Kotaku]