Leopard to feature updated Front Row - Your Mac will feel more like an Apple TV

The big Leopard release is just around the corner, but as you might have noticed, people are already getting their hands on it. Some are getting it in for review, while others are getting it in a somewhat less-than-legal manner. Regardless, they all seem to be enjoying it. One of the coolest features that has been seen is Front Row.

Yea yea, I know that this isn't the first version of MacOS to get Front Row, however, it's a little different in Leopard. First, you're going to find it in the Applications folder, rather than hiding out in the Library folder. The big news is that it will browse your local network for media files.

While this might not quite turn your Mac mini into an expensive AppleTV, it's still a nice bonus. There are plenty of other new additions to Leopard, if you're running off of a Mac, you'll definitely want to check it out.

Front Row on Leopard – Like getting an AppleTV for Free [via 9to5mac]