LensRentals builds a chess set out of DSLR lenses

Anyone that has a DSLR knows that the lenses of the cameras are very expensive. Especially when you get into the higher end of the lens spectrum. There are two major factions in the DSLR market with those that prefer Canon and those that lean towards Nikon. A couple bored warehouse schleps over at LensRentlas found themselves in a new warehouse with nothing but lenses and a few boxes of tiles.

They decided to break out the tiles and made a chess board and then used all the lenses for the chess pieces. I don't know anything about chess other than it looks rather boring to me. The lenses in white are Canon offerings and the ones in black are Nikon. If you are a photo geek, you can even rent the giant chess set for your next party.

The downside is that the cost of renting the thing is $9,221 per week. Lenses are expensive. I wonder if you bought all those lenses what it would cost you. Shipping will pucker your sphincter, $1,100 to $2,400 round trip. You do get a free t-shirt though.