Lensbaby launches Scout with Fisheye lens system for DSLRs

Shane McGlaun - Oct 13, 2010
Lensbaby launches Scout with Fisheye lens system for DSLRs

The thing that draws many to a DSLR camera is the fact that you can get full control over your photos with all the settings the camera has to offer and you can change the lenses to suit the needs at the time you are shooting. Lensbaby is a company that makes some cool lenses for DSLRs that allow some very interesting photo effects to be made.

Lensbaby has unveiled a new optic system called the Scout. Many of the offerings from Lensbaby move to allow you to create different effects, the Scout is a fixed system. It also ships with a Fisheye lens for wide-angle photography. The Fisheye optic has a 12mm focal length, can capture a 160-degree angle of view as close as half an inch from the lens and can create flare effects in the image.

Lensbaby says that DSLR users with full frame sensors will see a black circle around most of the image and APS-S sensor camera users will see black corners in the image. The lens system is available for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, and Olympus 4/3rds SLR and is available now for $249.95.

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