Lensbaby Control Freak lens now shipping for DSLRs

One of the big reasons that amateur and pro photographers go with a DSLR camera is so they can have more control over their photos. This control comes in the from of adjustments and having the perfect lens for any need. Lensbaby has announced that it is now shipping its Control Freak lens for DSLR cameras.

The Control Freak is an lens that replaces the standard lens on the camera just as any other DSLR lens would be added. It is designed for tabletop and macro photographers. The device lets the shooter compress and bend the lens to their desired focus and lock it in place with a button press.

The focus can be fine tuned and can focus form as close as 9-inches away from a subject. Filters can be added that let the Control Freak focus as close as 1.75 – 2 inches from a subject. The Control Freak comes with the Lensbaby double glass optic installed and can be used with other optics like the Fisheye with adapters. The Control Freak is available for several camera brands and sells for $350.