Lenovo Yoga X tablet teased as a portable HDMI monitor

There are only a few notable Android tablet makers these and Samsung probably takes the top spot in that market. Lenovo, however, takes the cake when it comes to unique features. It once had an Android tablet that transformed into a makeshift Amazon Echo Show and another that you could hang on walls or in the kitchen. It seems that its next trick will be to launch an Android tablet that not only has HDMI out but also has HDMI input to turn it into a portable monitor.

Lenovo was already rumored to have such a device last year when the name "Yoga X" started going around the rumor mill. Not much was known at that time but it was already tipped to double as a second monitor. Or as Lenovo itself would suggest, as a primary monitor for your Nintendo Switch.

A post on Weibo by the Lenovo YOGA account demonstrates this idea, with the Nintendo Switch in a dock connected to what initially looks like a portable HDMI screen. Of course, those are a dime a dozen these days but the post pretty much dispels that ambiguity. Along with the (translated) hashtag of Lenovo YOGA Tablet, it also talks about "HDMI In", a standard feature in any portable external screen that it shouldn't even bear mentioning.

In terms of design, the device does look like one of Lenovo's Yoga tablets, at least the ones with a conical lump on one edge and a kickstand. Not much else can be gleaned from the image but, it definitely presents an interesting use case for an Android tablet. That said, you'll need to also find a way to power that Switch while on the go.

This teaser could have come at a better time, at least for using Android tablets for gaming. Google just recently revealed its "Entertainment Space" that highlights mobile games, among other things. Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass streaming could also add another source for gaming on such large screens.