Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro leaked, jumps on the 2K train

JC Torres - May 27, 2014
Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro leaked, jumps on the 2K train

It may not be the awaited first “Motorola by Lenovo” handset, but Lenovo‘s next smartphone will still try to make headlines. Joining the latest smartphone fad, its Vibe Z2 Pro was spotted bearing QHD goodness, albeit in a rather gigantic 6-inch screen.

Vivo, OPPO, and soon LG and maybe even Samsung. These are just a few of those who are already or will be brandishing screens boasting of the soon-to-be standard of high-end smartphones of this generation: 2K displays or screens with resolutions of 2560×1440 pixels. Others are likely to follow suit sooner or later, and Lenovo might actually be making that sooner rather than later.

In the US, Lenovo’s name isn’t easily associated with smartphones, and the few devices that it has in that category are not exactly noteworthy. That is slowly changing however, starting with the Lenovo Vibe Z showcased at CES early this year. This Vibe Z2 Pro, which so far only exists in a bunch of leaked photos from China, tries to continue that trend with specs that would speak to the heart of any hardware aficionado.

Immediately obvious is the smartphone’s, or rather phablet’s, ginormous size, a good 6 inches in the diagonal. Luckily, it bears that oh so trendy 2K resolution mentioned, otherwise it would simply be a giant dud. Still, 6 inches is still a handful even for the largest of hands. Crawling inside, we see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, the variety that runs at 2.5 GHz on each of its four cores. Memory isn’t mentioned, but, unless Lenovo was feeling mighty generous to give 3 GB, we can expect the usual 2 GB, coupled with at least 16 GB for storage. Flipping the smartphone over, we are greeted with a 16 megapixel camera, complete with the much coveted Optical Image Stabilization.

Depending on how much Lenovo wants to rush to this new market segment, we probably should not expect the Vibe Z2 Pro to make rounds soon. Unless the company want to forget that it just recently made available the Vibe Z. This current version of the device seems to be headed to the Chinese market, as evidenced by dual SIM support, and it is not yet known whether Lenovo has plans to ship the smartphone over to the US afterwards.

VIA: MyDrivers

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