Lenovo V370 promotions begin with Bruce Lee, Angry Birds, and Zombies

Chris Burns - Feb 9, 2012, 1:33pm CST
Lenovo V370 promotions begin with Bruce Lee, Angry Birds, and Zombies

Behold the first absolutely wacky advertisement spot for the Lenovo slim notebook V370, complete with no less than Plants vs Zombies characters, Angry Birds, and an epic battle to the death with Bruce Lee! The point this particular spot appears to be trying to get across is that the V370 is both strong and slim, but you wouldn’t know it was a commercial for a laptop if you didn’t see the first and last 5 seconds of the video. Thus is the way laptops must be promoted in the fact of Ultrabooks, we suppose, now that strength beats down the traditional size and shape of a standard laptop.

This video has a young lady reading a comic book on your V370 for a couple of panels, decidedly shaking her head at the absurdity of the situations she’s taking in. Once she folds the notebook up and walks through her workspace to head home, she runs into a pack of zombies as well as a an evil bossman, all of them comical enough to make any television watcher turn their head and pay attention. Then all madness breaks loose.

How on earth it makes sense to have several mobile games and Bruce Lee defend the future of the Lenovo notebook lineup, we may never know. How we’ll reconcile being able to watch such things from the comfort of our own home in preparation for a laptop – we don’t mind skipping thinking about that one either. Enjoy the craziness that is the promotion of a dying breed here in 2012.

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