Lenovo Smartbook with AT&T wireless & Snapdragon CPU debuts

What's red, fuzzy and makes your mouth water?  Why, this photo of Lenovo's first Smartbook of course, grabbed from Qualcomm's recent webcast and promising to officially launch at CES 2010 this coming January.  The Snapdragon-based ultraportable will apparently have an HD-capable display for 720p video together with AT&T integrated wireless connectivity.

Smartbooks are yet another entrant to the crowded ultraportable segment, and use highly efficient ARM processors – such as the 1GHz Snapdragon chipset – rather than the Intel Atom CPUs we're used to seeing in regular netbooks.  That way, manufacturers and hardware partners claim, you can expect all-day battery life together with persistent wireless connectivity and HD video support, despite being thinner than netbooks and, in many cases, fanless.

Full details – or even a name – for the Lenovo Smartbook are unknown at present, but we're expecting a reasonable subsidized price from AT&T for those willing to sign their life away to a data contract.  Other than that it's all guesswork right now.