Lenovo shows off IdeaPad Y-Series notebooks

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It seems a lot of people are releasing tidbits of info today! In fact, Lenovo has just revealed their new IdeaPad Y Series notebooks, which are compact devices meant for those that need a reliable travel companion.

First in the series is the Y450, which is a 14-inch notebook. This notebook features a 16:9 aspect ratio and offers up a widescreen display. Plus, it has 4GB of memory, up to 500GB of storage, a NVIDIA GFX graphics card option, face recognition and multi-touch on the trackpad. Actually, the 15.6-inch Y550 and the 16-inch Y650 also have these features.

The only real differences between the models is the sizing and the 16-inch Y650 also has JBL speakers and an ambient light sensor. This makes it so the screen adjusts its brightness based on your surroundings. You can expect these notebooks to be available starting in March with the IdeaPad Y550 and Y450 priced at $829 and the Y650 priced at $829.

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