Lenovo reportedly in talks to buy NEC's mobile phone business

It seems Lenovo isn't giving up on it's pursuit to buy out a mobile phone company. First it was BlackBerry, which may or may not be fizzling, but this time around it's reported that Lenovo is in talks to acquire NEC's mobile phone business. It's said that NEC is looking to change some things around with its mobile unit, and selling it to Lenovo might be an option.

According to Reuters, several sources familiar with the Lenovo/NEC discussion said that NEC is looking to sell off its mobile phone unit, and they've been in several talks with Lenovo to make that happen. However, it's also said that NEC is talking with other Japanese companies to sell their mobile phone business to.

This comes after multiple reports have surfaced claiming that Lenovo is considering acquiring BlackBarry. Lenovo's CFO Yang Yuanqing even said himself that a BlackBerry acquisition "could possibly make sense." However, those rumors have somewhat died down lately, and we haven't heard much about it since.

If the name "NEC" sounds familiar to you, it's probably because you bought one of their optical drives from Newegg or Tiger Direct for your custom-built PC, but the company also makes mobile phones. However, they haven't been making many strides in the mobile phone market, which is probably why they're looking to sell it off to a company who could utilize it better.

[via Reuters]