Lenovo Power Hub Features 4 USB Ports in the Power Brick

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At one point in time or another, you've probably needed just one more port to get something you needed done, done. We've all been there. And while there's plenty of options out there, some times you're just looking for something a bit more "combined" than just having an extra box hanging around your laptop. Well, thanks to Lenovo, you now have the option to power your ThinkPad and connect four USB devices, without needing anything extra.

The Lenovo Power Hub is a ThinkPad charger that works with 65W and 90W machines. The set-up revolves around a break-out USB cable that plugs into a USB port on your machine, which then lets you connect up to 4 other USB-connected devices. You plug the charger into the wall outlet like you normally would, and your laptop keeps on charging, while you can charge your other devices at the same time. Three of the USB ports will offer you the same traditional powering options, but will also provide you with some data transfer capabilities. The fourth port is a dedicated charging port.

The Power Hub is available right now for your purchasing pleasure for only $74.99. There's no word on whether or not Lenovo is going to start bundling this with their products, but we think that would be one of the best decisions they've ever made, if they chose to go that route.

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