Lenovo now has Ashton Kutcher promoting Moto phones

"The mobile phone is stuck." If you were told that those words were uttered by Ashton Kutcher, you'd probably start hearing it in the same tone as actor's "Dude, where's my car?" phrase. But Mr. Kutcher's tone on the Motorola blog where he uttered (wrote, actually) those words was serious, very serious. He deplores how innovation in smartphones have basically stagnated, likening it to TV technology where focus has simply been on bigger screens and lower prices. His solution? Why to get a Lenovo Moto smartphone, of course!

OK, so it might be a thinly veiled attempt to segue into advertising Motorola's latest devices, disguised as consumer satisfaction lab tests. But that is, after all, why Lenovo elevated Ashton Kutcher to the level of Product Engineer more than two years ago. Back then, the actor was more focused on promoting the company's line of YOGA tablets. Now that Lenovo is banking on its Moto phones, they have also become Kutcher's concern as well.

The post proceeds to some demonstrations of Moto's abilities in three key areas. One is in toughness, where its recent DROID Turbo 2 has been regarded as one of the most resilient in consumer class smartphones. Never mind a 5-foot drop. It survived a fall of 900 feet, functional but a bit cracked.

Although always-on voice control via Google Now and Siri aren't so novel these days, Motorola can perhaps be credited with introducing the public to the concept way back with the first Moto X. Here, Kutcher tries to prove that the company hasn't lost its luster in that area, controlling the Moto X Pure Edition, a.k.a. Moto X Style elsewhere, by voice, even in a noisy environment.

Motorola wasn't exactly first on the quick charging trend, but that doesn't mean it can't come out at the top. Or at least that's the spiel. Now Moto's ad finally reveals a competitor's device, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and challenges it to a fast charging race, from 0 to who knows what in 15 minutes. You can probably guess who wins.

Ashton Kutcher's appearance in Moto ads is one of the signs of a new period in Motorola's public life, where it is going to be assimilated into Lenovo's cube. While the Motorola name remains in business documents and fine print, it will be Lenovo's company name and a "Moto" sub-brand that will be mostly in the public's eyes. At least ol' Moto finally has Ashton Kutcher to help with the marketing.

SOURCE: Motorola