Lenovo Mobile Access no-contract mobile broadband breaks cover

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Lenovo has announced a new no-contract mobile broadband service for users of its ThinkPad notebook computers. The new no-contract broadband services called Lenovo Mobile Access. The service provides pre-connected, always on Internet connectivity that mobile broadband users want and expect away from the home or office.

Lenovo says that service is now embedded across select models in the ThinkPad product line that are immediately available in both the United States and nine different European countries. Users can purchase a Time Pass for $1.95 giving 30 minutes of access for quick checks of e-mail or other needs. For users needing more time a full-day pass for $8.95 is available.

Lenovo will also offer monthly plans giving 2 GB or 6 GB of data with the option for automatic monthly renewal. Lenovo doesn't offer pricing for the monthly 2 GB or 6 GB options. I would expect the monthly plans to sell for roughly the same price as other offerings on the market putting them somewhere in the $20-$40 monthly range. Lenovo says that pricing will vary by country.

"To date, connectivity has been 'off the rack' and one-size fits all—too many mobile users are forced to squeeze into a mobile broadband contract that gives them either more or less connectivity than they need, or they go without entirely," said Richard Schwartz, president and CEO, Macheen. "With service by Macheen, Lenovo Mobile Access lets users trade ill-fitting plans for tailored connectivity featuring pay-as-you-go rates and customized access for any device, application and user. Quite literally, it's access to cloud-based content, services and applications that fits the way users work and live, meaning virtually all ThinkPad users can enjoy the value of true mobility."