Lenovo Miix 2, Flex 14D and 15D join roster of convertible offerings

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 5, 2014, 6:00pm CST
Lenovo Miix 2, Flex 14D and 15D join roster of convertible offerings

Lenovo is augmenting its roster of convertible and otherwise detachable products with some new offerings, with the Miix 2 and Flex 14D & 15D making appearances here at CES 2014. With these new products comes laptops that can function in more ways that your average notebook thanks to convertible and detachable elements, bringing them all into the “hybrid” category. Read on to find out more.

First up is the Miix 2, which is a three-mode detachable laptop available in both 10-inch and 11-inch models. The three modes are comprised of tablet, stand, and laptop, each of which is self-explanatory, allowing for the laptop to configured in what ever way works best for the user in whatever situation it is being used. Because the laptop is detachable, it can function as a tablet when desired.

The Miix 2 is loaded with Windows 8.1, and includes a full-size keyboard. The stand mode allows the display to be turned 180-degrees for use in situations where neither holding a tablet nor using a keyboard are called for. From there, there’s the Flex 14D and 15D laptops, both of which are convertible and are configured with up to AMD A6 quad-core processors and Raedon graphics.

Not surprisingly, then, the Flex laptops are meant to be performance-centric. They both feature laptop and stand modes, and come with Dobly Advanced Audio version 2 and a battery run time that “lasts all day.” The Miix 2 will be available starting at $499 USD in March (April for the 11-inch model), while the Flex laptops are available now and have a starting price of $499 USD.

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