Lenovo Ivy Bridge ThinkPad pic leaks

We've been expecting a lot out of Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors. The parts are starting to show up in computers that should be hitting the market soon. Lenovo will be offering notebook computers using the Ivy Bridge processor and the photograph of one of those new notebooks has turned up online. Lenovo has an altered book and the tablet coming up that will be using Ivy Bridge.

Along with the image are also some details on the machines. The photograph is of the Lenovo ThinkPad X230 ultrabook. It looks like most other blocky, black ThinkPad notebook computers and rocks a chiclet keyboard. Along with the ultrabook is also a ThinkPad X230t tablet version. The ultrabook and the tablet share the same features.

The features include 12.5-inch displays with resolution of 1366 x 768. Storage options include 500 GB or 320 GB hard drives along with an optional 180 GB SSD. The Ivy Bridge processor inside the ultrabook and the tablet should mean better battery life and performance. There is no indication of the price or availability on either of these machines at this point.

[via Electronista]