Lenovo IdeaPad U8 MID – looks amazing

James Allan Brady - Apr 4, 2008

Sure its just a concept right now, but the idea is to use Intel’s Atom processor in this device along with your usual plethora of wireless connections. They are also possibly adding 3G and EDGE to the list of available connections on the device.

It is rumored to have a touchscreen and will likely also be capable of making calls judging solely from the 12-button phone keypad directly to the right of the screen. It just being billed as a Mobile Internet Device, so I wouldn’t expect a Windows OS to land on it, it will likely be some customized version of a Linux Distro, but it will reportedly have Microsoft Office document support.

The screen is 4.8 inches big and you can obviously use your fingers to navigate it or there is also an optical mouse built into the little bull’s eye looking thing you see next to the screen. There will be finance software, GPS, email and calendar software, handwritten notes, a camera, the ability to view both photos and video, all that jazz, basically its shaping up to be a damned nice device.

[via Intel]

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