Lenovo, HP, and Dell to build SDXC readers into Arrandale notebooks

One of the age-old dilemmas in the technology world is getting both sides of the new technology coin in play at once. When a new technology like SDXC is unveiled it looks great, but before the cards will be adopted by users and manufacturers there have to be readers and SDXC cards on the market at the same time.

The cards were spied back in January at CES 2010 and since then we have really heard little about them. Reports are coming in now that Lenovo, Dell, and HP will be building SDXC memory card readers into new notebooks that are coming supporting the 32nm Arrandale processors.

The cool thing about SDXC cards is that they can support up to 64GB of storage on a card that physically looks just like a SDHC card. The big drawback is that a new reader is needed to get the data off the cards. The connections for SDXC cards have to be through the PCIe bus since the USB bus, where SDHC readers connect, lacks the bandwidth needed.