Lenovo H210 Desktop PC introduced

Amid of all the Apple hullabaloo of this morning, there has actually been other news as well. For instance, Lenovo showed off their latest desktop PC to the world, the H210, and it is a budget device that could be shared by the family.

Specs for the PC are pretty standard. You will have a choice of Intel dual-core processors, 4GB RAM, and hard drives that range the gamut up to 640GB. There are quite a few extras thrown in as well such as facial recognition software.

Another feature is called Bright vision, which adjusts the display's brightness based on how closely you're sitting to the screen and the lighting that surrounds you. There's even a proximity warning signal, that tells you to back up when you're sitting too close, because eye strain is a bad thing. Plus, there's an optional camera, a 16-in-1 media card reader, 8 USB ports, a DVD-RW optical drive and more. The Lenovo Rescue System button is a lifesaver when your system crashes. Though no release date has been announced, pricing will be $399 to start, without a monitor.

[via Electronista]