Lenovo Barnes & Noble NOOK 10-inch HD tablet released with keen design

This week the folks at Barnes & Noble and Lenovo revealed a collaboration that puts the name NOOK back in the spotlight. This is the new NOOK tablet, a tablet that continues the line of eBook-focused eReader devices with a machine that can also just... be a more fully functional tablet, too. This is the tablet you'll want to seek out if you're looking for media consumption, eBooks first, everything else second.

This NOOK tablet rolls with a 10.1-inch HD IPS LCD display with SQUARE corners. This display works with TÜV Rheinland®-certified eye protection, too. Per Lenovo, "A TÜV Rheinland certification mark signifies that a product has been examined according to strict safety requirements by an accredited third-party and is supported by regular factory inspections."

There's a decent size bezel around the edges of the display, and a silver aluminum back panel with two cameras – one up front, one around the back. It's unlikely the cameras are going to beat the power of the cameras on your smartphone – but they're probably OK.

This tablet works with NOOK eBooks, Google Play (and all the apps and media therein), FM radio, and dual speakers powered by Dolby Atmos. The device will be sold without a case, but a "new folio case" will be available when the tablet is released OR soon thereafter.

This tablet works with an octo-core processor with "an up-to-2.3 GHz main frequency." That's a strangely technical way of saying it has a decent amount of processing power, more than enough for all your eBooks and most any app or game you'd like to play from the Google Play app store.

The "NOOK 10" HD Tablet Designed by Lenovo" has an announced release date of "early April 2021". This new NOOK tablet will have a price of approximately $129.99 USD right out the gate. Stick around as we get a closer look at this device and decide whether it's truly worth the amount of cash you'll be considering paying for it.