Lenovo B50 brings 3D imaging to the desktop

An all-in-one computer is typically meant for your desktop, whether at the home or office. Those desktop computers can also be used for conference calls and video chats, where the quality of the camera packed in matters. For those looking to provide a higher level of interactivity and productivity, Lenovo's new B50 all-in-one packs a 3D camera, letting your PC "see like the user does". According to Lenovo, the new camera mimics the human eye's depth sensing and overall vision capabilities.

3D via the desktop is a newer realm, but has a lot of promise. The camera included with the Lenovo B50 is Intel's RealSense 3D camera, which you likely saw via Intel's neat new ad campaign. aside from just looking the part, the technology lets you go hands-off with your screen, instead using the camera to dictate movement on screen.

To get a better idea of what the Intel RealSense camera can do, Lenovo says the B50 will come pre-loaded with four Intel RealSense experiences, including the Out of Box Experience, Personify, Wave Warrior and BBB Goal.

Intel's 3D camera also enhances video chat by creating a better sense of depth and virtual spaces. The B50 will also store depth info for 3D editing and printing!

The B50 will come to Best Buy stores this March, and retail starting at $1,249.