Leica V-Lux 20 Poses for Photo Shoot

We'll never pass up any kind of gadget getting leaked ahead of a scheduled announcement date. Even if that leak is just one picture, and a few tid-bits of information short of a full press release. And while the information about the Leica V-Lux has been known for at least a little while around the Internet, this is the first image that's graced the large scene. It's a 12.1MP monster, with an additional assortment of features that may remind you of another camera.

Along with that megapixel count, you'll also get 720p video recording, and that oh so important feature: geo-tagging with built-in GPS. You also get a 3.0-inch LCD screen on the back, and a 25-300mm zoom range. If you're a camera hound, and you keep tabs of all the details, then you're probably thinking this sounds a lot like a Panasonic ZS7. And, you'd be right. Because, it is a Panasonic ZS7, with some aesthetic tweaks to the body (which, we admit, makes it look a whole lot better), the software inside running the show, and ultimately –sadly– the price.

If you thought the Panasonic ZS7 was expensive, coming in at a cool $343, then you probably won't want to even give the Leica V-Lux 20 a second glance: it's supposedly going to come in at double the price of the Panasonic version. It's supposed to be announced on the 20th of April, and it should be in stores some time around the 9th of May, if you're interested.

[via Leica Rumors]