Leica USA: analog cameras less than 5% of sales

With the ease of use and flexibility of digital cameras, how many film-based snappers do you think are still sold?  We don't have figures from across the industry, but according to Leica USA president Roger Horn, less than 5-percent of his company's cameras sold in the US are analog.  Meanwhile Leica UK's managing director, David Bell, reckons that film cameras account for around 6-percent of the company's M-series.

However Bell also insists that film-based cameras are still relevant, pointing to a strong second-hand market and a cultish popularity in Japan.  He blames the US obsession with the latest gadget for the disparity in figures, suggesting that "'new' tends to command greater attention".  Still, it remains to be seen whether refreshing Leica's two analog cameras, the MP and M7, is a priority for the firm.

[via Amateur Photographer]