Leica Lens Holder Accessory Surfaces

Leica has some nice digital cameras that are very expensive, but promise excellent quality in the build and in photos you shoot with the camera. The last new digital camera we talked about was the new compact photo system set to debut at Photokina. The Lens Holder M for the MP and M7 digital camera. The new accessory makes for a cool addition to the little cameras in film and digital versions.

The little accessory screws into the tripod bushing on the bottom of the camera. It has a lens opening that the user can attach an extra lens to for safekeeping. Once that extra lens is attached to the accessory, the shooter can even use the lens as a handle. That extra handle can help improve the stability making your photos better too.

Leica claims that the accessory won't affect film changing at all. It has a hinged base plate that unlocks to provide complete access. This is a pretty cool accessory and I am surprised we haven't seen something similar in the past for other cameras. The order number is 14404 and pricing is unknown.