Leica compact camera system to debut at Photokina 2012

The digital camera market is becoming more and more packed with offerings that have interchangeable lenses, big sensors, and small physical dimension with micro four thirds offerings from a bunch of companies and other similar tech from other camera makers. Leica is famous in the camera market for its retro designs, quality image capability, and high prices. In February, Leica said that it would not be producing a micro four thirds camera and that its M9 would be as small as its cameras got.

Leica is not saying that a compact camera system will be debuting at Photokina 2012. Since it has already said no micro four thirds will be adopted by the brand we have to suspect that the company will be launching a new platform. There are few details on exactly what Leica has in mind. What we do know comes from Leica CEO Alfred Schopft who has noted that the imaging sensor in the new platform will be at least APS-size.

Schopft said that Leica is right now investigating what sensor it would use in the camera and what manufacture will provide it. He also noted that sensors are cheap and are becoming a commodity; the lenses are what are costly. He said that Leica would prefer a built-in EFV for the camera. We will have to wait until next year to see just what Leica has in mind and how crazy expensive it will be.

[via Amateur Photographer]