Leica Launches 10.1 Megapixel D-Lux 4 And C-Lux 3

Leica rolls out two new 10.1 megapixel digital compact cameras in preparation for the coming Photokina. The high end D-Lux 4 sports a bigger 1/1.63-inch CCD image sensor and a high-speed Leica DC Vario-Summicron 5.1-12.8 mm f/2.0-2.8 ASPH with 35mm equivalent focal length of 24 to 70mm. It also gets a bigger 3-inch TFT LCD monitor with 460,000 pixels and ISO sensitivity range from 80-3200. Photo format is available in three aspect ratios from 4:3,3:2 to16:9. The D-Lux's enthusiast can extend the cameras usability with optional accessories like slot-on flash unit CF 22, black brilliant viewfinder or a hand grip.

The C-Lux 3 features a smaller 1- 2.33-inch CCD sensor and a one-stop slower Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 4.4-22 mm f/2.8-5.9 ASPH with 35mm equivalent focal length of 25 to 125mm. Compare to Lux-4, it has a smaller 2.5-inch TFT-LCD monitor with 230,000 pixels and ISO sensitivity of 100 to 1600. Both come with 50MB internal storage, support SD/SDHC storage and video recording mode in 640x480, 848x480 and 1280x720 format. Availability is set for October with price to be announced later.

[via impress C-LUX 3 D-Lux 4]