Leica debuts Pradovit D-1200 projector in Japan

Leica turned their Pradovit series slide projector digitally, announced company's first entry in digital projector display back in Photokina with the Pradovit D-1200 – a 16:10 WXUGA digital projector wet dream for photographer; portable size with world's lightest, and smallest presentation tool suitable for traveling; Leica-grade optics equipped display and high resolution realistic image reproduction from Pixelworks DNX 30-bit video processing MotionEngine, and a host of connectivity for the most-demanding digital media sources.

The beamer has recently made its debut in Japan, with targeted audiences from professional photographer, hardcore Leica fans to business users. Leica representative, Sascha Noack was very confident with its Pradovit's offering to the already-crowded digital projector market, and commented on the adoption of DLP were the superiority of image sharpness and better color rendering in comparing to LCOS or SXRD technology. My guess? Brightness and heat resistance could have something to do with the decision too. Also, Noack said the availability of high resolution WUXGA panel finally sealed the deal for the company's first entry in digital Projector.

The Pradovit D-1200 sports the Leica VARIO-ELMARIT-P 1:2.8-3.1/33-42 mm/59 mm-74 mm zoom lens with 120% vertical lens shift. Its image can display at brightness of 2,000 lumens and 2,500:1 contrast thanks to the adoption of TI's DMD-0.98-inch DLP, 6-segment color wheel technology and Philips' 220W FusionPlus VIDI UHP bulb, which has a life expectancy of 3000 hours for standard applications and 4000 hours when operated in power-save mode.

It's available now at a suggested retail of 115 million yen in Japan, US buyer should be able to locate one online from B&H for less than $12,000 (ouch!)

[Leica via Impress]