LEGO Super Mario Power-Up Packs give Mario a makeover

Earlier this year, Nintendo and LEGO revealed that they're teaming up to make Super Mario-themed LEGO sets. The companies started by revealing the LEGO Super Mario Starter Set, following that up by announcing two expansion sets – one of which features Bowser. Now, before any of those sets have actually released, LEGO and Nintendo have revealed four additional Power-Up Packs.

Just as the name suggests, these new add-ons will give LEGO Mario different abilities, all based on the power-ups that have appeared in Mario games throughout the years. The first Power-Up Pack introduced in LEGO's announcement video today is arguably the most recognizable one: Fire Mario, which will have you throwing imaginary fireballs at enemies to earn more points.

Next up is Propeller Mario, which first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. With that suit on, you'll be able to collect coins in the air. Cat Mario is the third outfit in this quartet, allowing Mario to collect coins as he climbs up walls. Finally, we have Builder Mario from Super Mario Maker, which will collect coins each time he stomps hard on a LEGO brick.

It sounds like all four of these packs will be available separately, and it's worth noting that they include only a costume for the LEGO Mario figure, not the figure itself. To get that, you'll need to buy the LEGO Super Mario Starter Pack, which runs $59.99.

Each of these Power-Up Packs will cost $9.99, so if you want them all in addition to the Starter Pack, you'll definitely have to be ready to spend. Add in the two expansion kits, which are priced at $29.99 for the Piranha Plant set and $99.99 for the Bowser's Castle set, and we're looking at a serious chunk of change. All four of these Power-Up Packs will be available on August 1st, the same day as the rest of the sets in the LEGO Super Mario series.