Lego Star Wars Clock allows you to build Star Wars scenes and tell time

The package comes with the clock, and a Chewy and Storm Trooper figurines. The clock itself features a light/snooze button as well as a timer of sorts.

So, you can build an X-wing or something like that to place on top of it, or you could just carefully position the included Storm Trooper and Chewbacca on top and call it done. Regardless, some might recommend you just set this clock on your desk, I say the geeks finally have a Flavor-Flav style clock for them.

How much better of a timepiece could you get than one that represents both Lego's and Start Wars all at once? Just put that thing on some sort of lanyard, a lanyard from a collection of swag from your last trade show would add to the nerd power, and wear it with pride.

Lego Star Wars Clock [via UberReview]