LEGO Star Wars Battles game will be an Apple Arcade exclusive

Apple Arcade subscribers will soon have access to an exclusive LEGO Star Wars game called 'Battles.' The upcoming title will be a strategy game featuring PvP multiplayer battles alongside the ability to upgrade items to craft a personal army. The new game was detailed by the Star Wars team today, which revealed a bunch of screenshots from the upcoming offering.

This is the first look at LEGO Star Wars Battles, a title from Lucasfilm games, Warner Bros. Games, and The LEGO Group. As expected, 'Battles' features LEGO-style characters from the Star Wars universe, including iconic offerings from the original trilogy all the way up through some newer characters like the puffin-like Porgs.

According to Lucasfilm, Battles players will have the opportunity to collect and then upgrade various items and characters from the Star Wars universe, including everything from vehicles to soldiers. LEGO towers will play an important role in battling enemies on the field, while players will also build up their own army.

Characters included in the game include Luke, Darth Vader, Leia, and others; they come with their iconic items, including lightsabers and Force abilities. The multiplayer battles will take place in real-time from your iPad or iPhone.

LEGO Star Wars Battles is an Apple Arcade exclusive, meaning it'll only be available to Apple customers who sign up for the subscription service. Apple offers a free one-month trial for customers who have never signed up; once the trial runs out, you'll pay $4.99/month. It's unclear when the new LEGO Star Wars game will be available.