LEGO Star Wars Battles incoming: 9 films, dark and light decks

There's a new game coming to the Star Wars universe with content from all 9 of the main-series films as well as Clone Wars and Rogue One. This means we've got everything from Porgs to Boba Fett, AT-ATs to the Millennium Falcon. The game goes by the name LEGO Star Wars Battles, and it'll be a free download starting in 2020.

The game was announced today by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, The LEGO Group, and LucasFilm, all at once. They've made a big push to introduce this game as a new platform of entry for the LEGO Star Wars universe with real-time, one-versus-one battle matches. This is a game in which users are encouraged to collect, build, and battle.

The only bummer here is that they're following a sort of currently-in-vogue format for money-making for mobile apps, that being the free-at-first but then in-app-purchase heavy inside. We're crossing our fingers that the format follows closely with games like Hearthstone, where players CAN pay money for content, but can also complete in-game tasks (not "ad-related" tasks) to attain said content.

According to the first release for the game, players will build a "deck" of light side or dark side forces. These will likely be represented in card form – hence the "deck" bit. They went on to say that "players will deploy troops and build LEGO towers on the battlefield to defend and capture territory as they attempt to destroy their opponents' base."

No imagery of this game has yet been shared. Only that logo you see at the head of the article. We'll likely see some visuals soon! UPDATE: This game will most likely be on mobile devices only – mention of "touch controls" generally indicates just that.

This "Battles" game is separate from the other major LEGO Star Wars release in 2020: LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. That, too, will feature content from all NINE Skywalker-related Star Wars movies. You can see some trailer action from that game below.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and LEGO Star Wars Battles will both be released in the year 2020. Specific dates for the release of these games have not yet been shared.