LEGO Sequencer mixes Steampunk, toys, electronica [Video]

Take LEGO, add pseudo-Steampunk style and throw in glitchy electronic music and you might end up with something like Yoshi Akai's wonderful LEGO Sequencer MR II.  A hand-crafted 8-step sequencer, the bizarre instrument uses LEGO bricks to build up patterns of different sounds.Video demo after the cut

The sound each brick makes depends on its color, and there are three different channels which you can individually mix together.  Start to combine the bricks into structures, meanwhile, and the sounds become more complex and evolve with the building.

Start adjusting the rows of control knobs, meanwhile, and you can send the patterns of sound through various filters, mangling the noise even more.  It looks brilliantly tactile and addictive, just like most of the other DIY noise gadgets Yoshi has documented on his site.

[via MAKE]