Lego Salt and Pepper Shakers allow you to play with your food

Alright, so Lego Salt and Pepper Shakers are not exactly hi-tech, but they fit into that cool geeky nitch that I enjoy so much. These shakers are enough to turn even the most chic kitchen into a geek one.

Since the shakers are made by Lego (a toy company), I'm curious if it's considered playing with your food when you use the shakers. I hope so, as I'm still rebelling against society (my parents). So I've been out of the house for four years now, I'll likely need therapy for all those times of suppressed creativity at the dinner table.

To let out your inner child in the kitchen these shakers are only $5 per set and for the love of all that is holy let your kids play with their food. They could be horribly traumatized and then you'll have to hear about it for all of eternity.

Lego Salt and Pepper Shaker Set [via greenhead]