LEGO safe has functional 3-number combo lock

When people aren't amazing us with virtual blocky creations in Minecraft, they're using real-world LEGO blocks to do the same. In this case, one crafty LEGO user has created a safe with a functional 3-number combination lock. The safe itself looks about 6 x 6 x 6 inches overall, but it's not the size that matters — it's the lock, which the creator, Jason Allemann, shows off on video (available after the jump!).

The safe has a normal combination lock — it has a common design, and rotates the same as any regular combination lock, first to the right, then to the left, and then back to the right. His dial uses symbols instead of numbers due to the pilfering of a part from an older Star Wars LEGO kit (though you could probably draw numbers on it if you'd like).

The combination lock portion is fairly simple, involving three discs with different designs, tabs for catching the adjacent discs, a dial to rotate them, and a deadbolt component that slides into the open space...assuming the discs have all been turned to the correct location. If they haven't been arranged properly, the deadbolt will hit plastic rather than sliding into place.

The lock isn't the only carefully designed portion, though — Allemann also put together a safe frame that includes beams connected with plates attached from the inside. Those plates keep the beams together, and stop others from pulling them apart. This makes it difficult to get into the safe without physically damaging it...which, of course, a thief would, but a roommate may not be so brazen.

SOURCE: Kotaku