Lego releases a line of kid oriented electronics

We have all had Legos at some point in our lives. Some of us, including myself, still have Legos around the house. With the age of gadget loving kids getting younger and younger Lego has set out to deliver kid friendly electronics that incorporates an all time classic toy.

The Legos company has released a line of Lego-infused cameras, walkie-talkies and MP3 players. There is also a second line of devices that include larger items such as alarm clocks, and boom boxes that are not actually made of the Legos that can be disassembled. Large items would not hold together and kids have a tendency to drop things quite often. The last thing parents need is to be reconstructing the shell of a camera multiple times in a single day.

Now all we need is a Lego camera with detachable lenses or MP3 player with removable storage. These toys are sure to excite children, at least until they figure out that they cant take it apart.  No one said that you could not build on to them though.