LEGO R2D2 robot is remote controlled and packed with awesome

LEGO + Star Wars + Remote control = Awesome. A dude going by the name Ickelpete has apparently been working on the bot of awesome you see here since last year. The dude has work in progress pictures on his flickr page that go back to last summer showing him at work on various parts of this little droid. The finished product appears to be life-size.

It's made out of a bunch of different bricks and has all the little touches for the movie droid. It's too bad it can't project a tiny Leia on the ground too. Its remote controlled and has a middle tripod leg that comes out of the droids belly when it needs to motivate and it can then move forwards and backwards. The dome can also twist and turn.

This may be the coolest LEGO project in the Star Wars universe. It even has flashing lights on the dome. Pete constructed the robot for the LEGO Space event at the National Space Center UK. I hope he won a prize because the droid is epic.

[via Brothers-Brick]